Native People

In today’s world there are more than 350 million people who belong to an indigenous ethnic group. As late as in the middle of the 19th century indigenous people controlled 50% of the earth’s land, but during centuries they have suffered from exploitation, .

On this page we are presenting information about indigenous people’s and indigenous issues. We do also present world-wide organizations that promote indigenous rights. We are also raising philosophical questions about modernity and the good life.

Definition (from Wikipedia)

A definition of ”indigenous people” has criteria which includes cultural groups (and their continuity or association with a given region, or parts of a region, and who formerly or currently inhabit the region) either:

  • before or its subsequent colonization or annexation, or
  • alongside other cultural groups during the formation or reign of a colony or nation-state, or
  • independently or largely isolated from the influence of the claimed governance by a nation-state,

and who:

  • have maintained at least in part their distinct cultural, social/organizational, or linguistic characteristics, and in doing so remain differentiated in some degree from the surrounding populations and dominant culture of the nation-state, and
  • are self-identified as indigenous, or those recognized as such by other groups.

Organizations working with Indigenous Peoples

Survival International
Lumah Di Laut


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