Presently Amana’ is running a several projects both in Scandinavia and abroad.

1. We are supporting the sea nomads Bajau Laut in Southeast Asia. The aim of the work is to raise awareness about their situation and to give attention to maritime lifestyles.

We are giving lectures on Bajau Laut in Scandinavia and in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. We are also distributing our book ”Bajau Laut – The People of the Sea”, which describes Bajau’s water based culture.

In Davao City, Philippines, we are also supporting the local Bajau organization ”The Badjao Community Association” which is an initiative made by local Bajau fishermen in Matina Aplaya. The purpose of the organization is to enable a long-term livelihood and to strengthen Bajau’s political situation in the city.

2. We are running a Learn-How-To-Swim-project in Lund, Sweden. The purpose of the project is to give newly arrived immigrant children a chance to learn how to swim. Starting in Augusts 2012 we are on a weekly basis giving swimming lessons for more than 30 children in Lund and Malmö. The children come from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Burundi, Ethiopia and Palestine.

3. We are making photo exhibitions on minorities and refugees around the world. So far focus has been on Bajau Laut and a West-Sahara refugees in Algeria. During the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 we will also make a photo project about Somali children living in Sweden and the cotton industry in Senegal.


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